RISC OS software

ZipEE 1.48

Icon This is the latest version of my desktop front end for the InfoZip group's programs Zip and Unzip. These are excellent programs for several reasons:

  • » They're free
  • » They're extremely efficient file compression and decompression programs
  • » The zip file format is portable across platforms
  • » They're highly configurable, and
  • » They're free

However, I find them a bit cumbersome to use, because they are command-line based and I can never be bothered typing path names for the files. Accordingly, I wrote this front end to allow me to use the programs in the desktop with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Improvements from the previous version include:

  • » More options for unzipping archives
  • » Allows you to add files to existing Zip archives and delete files from them.
  • » Verification of Zip archives.
  • » Allows you to extract specific files from Zip archives.

You can download the full version of the software here (152K).

ZipEE no longer uses WimpExt, nor any other external modules.